High growth investment properties in Perth

Looking to invest in high growth investment properties? Perth is an excellent choice. Here at Properties Invest Australia, we specialise in being property strategists, with a special focus on high growth investment properties in Perth. As property strategists, each available project in the area is put through our due diligence model and cash flow analysis to compare it with the other properties that are available on the market, so that we can target those properties with the best yields and growth statistics for our investors.

What are high growth investment properties?

For some time now, the phrase “capital growth is king” has been circulating among investors, and it is widely believed that the value of property in high growth areas could as much as double within a ten-year period. When looking at high growth suburbs, also known as hotspots, the key lies in ensuring that you invest in something that ticks all the boxes: fundamental drivers such as infrastructure, affordability, and supply and demand are some of the main factors that have helped a number of suburbs in Perth to buck the average trend over the past 12 months.

What are the benefits of investing in high growth investment properties?

As our clients have experienced, there are four major benefits to investing in high growth investment properties in Perth. These are:

  • Appreciation of the property – the value of a property continues to rise due to the fundamentals in that particular suburb.
  • Compounding your wealth, which is also the fastest way to grow your money.
  • Purchasing a newly built property generates and maximises your tax minimisation benefits.
  • Banks consider strong growing properties a favourable lending asset.

Why is Properties Invest Australia your ideal choice?

At Properties Invest Australia, we understand that your best chance of achieving capital growth is in buying not just the right property in the right place and at the right time, but more importantly, at the right price as well. Because we work through the financial considerations of the investor, bearing in mind the fact that they are not actually going to live in the property, we are able to help them make a rational, informed decision about where and which properties to buy.

To benefit from as much capital growth as possible, the first rule is, of course, to buy in a high growth area, and this is where the vast experience and expertise of Properties Invest Australia come into play. All our properties are builder direct, and our team is constantly on the ball, researching current house prices and trends, keeping an eye on property sales and auction results, and buying reports on specific suburbs from highly regarded researchers. For example, there might be a suburb located within 10 kilometres of the city centre, or a suburb with special attractions such as a beach or trendy café strip. Proximity to a “hot” suburb could mean that your suburb will be the next to rise in value. Alternatively, your area could even become a regional town supporting a booming industry that has a long-term demand period of more than 20 years.

Having identified such high growth areas, we will then narrow down your search even further by looking at a particular property’s access to transport, shops and leisure facilities, as well as its appeal to your market, whether it is young professionals, FIFO (Fly-In Fly-Out) workers or blue-collar workers. The Australian Bureau of Statistics regularly provides information on population movements between states and the growth projections for each state, and these often give us valuable insight into the demand for property in different locations. At the same time, infrastructure fundamentals including government and private business spending are also part of the measure that we use for “hotspots” and growth areas.

How can Properties Invest Australia help?

Buying an investment property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, which is why getting the right advice is crucial. Our team at Properties Invest Australia is backed by years of experience so do speak to one of our property consultants today.

We will be happy to:

  • Take the worry and guesswork out of buying an investment property by providing you with truly independent advice.
  • Assist you with your property needs, whether you are looking to purchase a home or investment property, sell your property or require boutique property management services.
  • Give you the “unfair advantage” by saving you precious time, stress and money through our expert negotiations.

We are property experts who are dedicated to helping you find and secure the perfect investment property. Let us handle all the time consuming aspects of property investment, from searching and locating the right property to managing the purchase or lease agreement, thus saving you time, stress and expense.

Properties Invest Australia offers a wide range of different high growth investment properties in Perth, with new properties coming through on a weekly basis. As properties sometimes sell out before they are even placed on our website, we recommend that potential investors contact our consultants to ensure they do not miss out. Register with Properties Invest Australia today to view our selection of investment properties, NRAS properties and SMSF properties.