Our Team

Colin Carnachan

Power Coach – Cert III Small Bus. Operations

userNewColin is Australia’s Power Coach that can help you get on track with your life.Learn how Colin enjoys helping others reach their purpose, vision and goals in life. He strives to empower each person he meets with an abundant mindset of strategies for personal success. Colin believes that inspiring positive life transformations is a roadmap that everyone can benefit from.

Should you want to invest in yourself; Colin will ensure through Power Coaching that your actions meet with your goals and in the process help you live free.

As your power coach, Colin Carnachan will help you:

  • Define what matters to you.
  • Identify the emotional barriers holding you back.
  • Invest time in yourself and develop a success mindset.
  • Express your dreams and turn them into goals and a purpose.
  • Quantify the goals you want to achieve, take action and track your
  • progress.
  • Learn to evaluate investments in real estate, to understand exit
  • strategies, risks and returns on investment.
  • Surround yourself with a team of professional advisors.
  • Develop better financial management skills for yourself.