Where good advice is your clients expectation; we provide the quality investment properties Australia wide to match that advice.  Our specialists’ role is to couple the property to the investment strategy that you provide whilst maximising the capital gains potential.

Whether it is a SMSF property warrant structure with a positive cashflow analysis or a standard gearing strategy, Properties Invest Australia will provide your clients with a secure investment.

We are independent from the developers allowing us to select the property that best matches your advice. We also source stock and negotiate contract structures that meet the legal requirements of the ATO to fit into SMSF property warrant structures.

Our offering is provided within a transparent structure that includes property analysis reporting, market research for suburbs and states and so on; with the aim of maximising the financial benefits to the investor.  That is why Properties Invest Australia is proud to present high performance property investments for all investment structures.

If you find it difficult receiving independent property recommendations that understand strategic investment structures or if you want to grow your business by helping your clients with a secure investment inside and outside of a SMSF;

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