What are the differences between a sales agent, a referrer and an introducer?

What is expected from you in return for introductions?

What is commission, a referral fee and an introduction fee?

What are the legal pitfalls associated with using sales agents?

What is the biggest risk with using commercial agents?

What is the dividing line between sales agents and introducers?







Here at Properties Invest Australia-wide we are “bringing people together” to provide an off-market platform. We are “Deal Makers”; naturally gifted communicators, influencers and negotiators that bring together people and institutions involved in off-market opportunities.

Deal Makers have their ear to the ground. Creating value through timing, not innovation, a Deal Maker lives in the present. Successful Deal Makers tend to catch the imagination of the business world and other like-minded people.

Of all the profiles, the Deal Makers rely most on the relationships around them. A Deal Maker's value grows as they become more accessible. They are constantly on the phone and on the move. They create their wealth by spotting connections in the market. Once the deal is done, the new value created enriches everyone involved.

The Channel Partners at Properties Invest Australia-wide are aware that introducers and referrers give us the opportunity to expand and grow the off-market platform and we encourage long term relationships with referrers and introducers.

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Your specialist investment property advisors in Perth

Established in 2011, Properties Invest Australia aims to provide property investment services with a personal touch to our clients, who mainly consist of property investors and investment advisors such as accountants, financial planners and finance brokers. While our offices are based in Perth, we service investor clients Australia-wide, with property investment options in NSW, VIC and QLD, in addition to WA.

Properties Invest Australia specialises in providing strategic investment support to first time property investors, as well as in researching property selections for experienced investors with properties from all over Australia. The services that we provide take into account the client’s investment structure (e.g. SMSF, company, trust or personal ownership) and match that against the client’s personal goals to produce recommendations that not only have passed our due diligence, but that also meet the client’s requirements.

Backed by our extensive experience,...

I’m here to help


I focus on the relationship and not the deal.

As an investor, I know what it is like to have the right partners in order to get the right deal. Most deals look great initially, but unless you have a local partner who understands the unforeseen issues that may arise, you are bound to run into trouble. Let me help you find the right deal for your requirements and feel free to contact me anytime with your opportunities.

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